3 Ways Your Janitorial Service Can Increase Your Profits

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You probably wouldn't consider not hiring a cleaning company to take care of the various housekeeping chores around the office. But how much importance to you place on choosing just the right janitorial staff? Probably not enough. A janitorial service is more than just a necessary business expense. A good janitorial service can have an important impact on your bottom line and can help ensure your business's continued success. That's why it's essential to make sure you have the right team for your office. Take a look at a few ways your cleaning company can help you maximize your profits.

Increased Morale

The better the morale among your employees, the higher their productivity will be, and the higher the productivity, the more money you make. A good cleaning company can provide your employees with an environment that boosts morale. This happens for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it's simply easier to get work done in a clean and organized environment. Dust and clutter slow things down and impede progress. A clean, organized office can also have a mood-lifting effect on workers, helping them feel more energetic and happier about being at work, and therefore more motivated to do a good job.

But perhaps the most important reason a good cleaning company improves morale has to do with the way the janitorial service's performance reflects on you. When you go out of your way to ensure your employees have a bright, clean, easy to navigate workplace, you're showing you care about providing them with a great work environment. They'll be more inspired to perform at high levels because they want to return the favor by providing you with great work.

Better Health

In addition to the mental and emotional benefits your employees will receive from a cleaner and more organized office, they will also gain health benefits. The dust and mold that can build up in an office that isn't cleaned properly can trigger asthma and allergic reactions in your employees. Bacteria that grows in dirty office kitchens can lead to infections and sickness. Basically, a dirty environment is a breeding ground for illnesses.

Hiring just anybody to clean it up isn't the answer either. Overly harsh chemicals can also trigger allergic responses or illnesses. Sloppy or haphazard cleaners can leave your office with hidden dangers, like surfaces that look clean, but haven't been properly sanitized, or air fresheners that mask the smell of mold in a hard-to-see spot. You need a cleaning company that uses safe cleansers and completes the work thoroughly.

In the United States, businesses lose a combined $227 billion dollars from absenteeism or poor productivity due to illness. A properly cleaned workspace reduces the amount of productivity your business loses, increasing your profits and giving you an edge on the competition.

Better Client Relations

It can be easy to overlook mess and clutter in an office you go to every day. Quite simply, you grow used to it. You don't notice the bookshelves haven't been dusted in a while or clutter is overtaking your conference room because it happens gradually, and you're not really looking at it – it's just the same background you see every day.

However, when clients come to your office, they bring a fresh set of eyes with them, and they'll notice things you and your employees might miss. A dirty or disorganized office will put them off and discourage them from doing business with your company. However, a freshly cleaned and organized office can help inspire feelings of trust. You'll appear more successful and reliable in your clients' eyes if they're looking at a spic-and-span office when they come for meetings.

Take a good look around your office. Is it a place that promotes good feelings among your workers? Is it a healthy place to spend eight hours a day? Will it impress clients when they walk in for the first time? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then it may be time to find a new janitorial service that can help your office achieve its highest potential.


22 April 2015

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