Don't Forget To Install Security And Fire Protection In Your New Mansion

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You've selected the granite for your kitchen and bathroom counters, pretty tiles for your backsplash and decided on hand scraped wood flooring for your new mansion or luxury home. Every detail of your new house has been carefully planned and thought out, except... you haven't given any thought whatsoever to the security and safety of your new house. This is not unusual. Unlike picking granite and paint colors, which many people find fun, choosing security and safety features is a lot less enjoyable and, thus, often overlooked. But safety features, such as smoke detectors, security cameras and fire sprinklers, are actually much more important in the long run than having pretty colors in your mansion.

Home Security Systems

Mansions and luxury homes are often the targets of enterprising burglars. In 2010, for example, Los Angeles police broke up a burglary ring that sought out and broke into luxury homes in the San Fernando Valley area. And in 2015, burglars in the Fairfax County, Virginia area hit a number of luxury homes, stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry and silverware. That is why it's important to protect your new mansion with a security system that features at least some of the following:

  • Wireless technology. In the old days, a burglar or robber could just cut a line to the home, which could debilitate the alarm system. Today, most systems are wireless and can be installed in a home without drilling or other invasive means.
  • Cameras. Burglars tend to hit easy targets. So if your new home has cameras that could catch a burglar in the act, most will probably move on to another residence without video equipment. And cameras are not just useful for preventing burglaries; they can also help police capture burglars if their images are caught on video.
  • Smoke detectors. Many security systems now incorporate sensors that can detect smoke and carbon monoxide. This is especially important for a large house where a fire can start in a remote part of the structure and then spread quickly before anyone is aware.

Fire Sprinklers

In 2015, a fire destroyed a huge, 16,000-square-foot mansion in Annapolis, Maryland, killing six people. Though the mansion had a working smoke detector and fire alarm system, the fire spread so quickly that the family did not have a chance to escape. Afterwards, fire officials opined that the family could have been saved if the mansion had had a working fire sprinkler in place. Today, only two states -- Maryland and California -- require sprinklers be installed in all new residential buildings. But this technology can be such a lifesaver that it should be included into the construction of any new luxury home, especially large ones.

Fire sprinklers could also save you money in the event of a fire. When a fire department suppresses a fire, it can cost a resident approximately $45,000 in water and fire damages, according to The same fire might only cost a homeowner $2,200 in damages if suppressed by a fire sprinkler system. Why? Because a sprinkler system can put out a fire before it has a chance to spread. Plus, firemen can cause a lot more damage than a sprinkler system. When they douse a fire, it is typically at the rate of 250 gallons per minute, which is far more than a sprinkler system would use.

Protecting Your Precious Property

Yes, choosing fire sprinklers and alarms may not be as "sexy" or fun as selecting gorgeous slate for your new rainwater shower enclosure, but these systems could potentially save you thousands of dollars and, possibly, even your life. That is why it's important to install these systems into your new home as soon as possible.


3 June 2015

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