Flying Debris: 4 Random Falling Objects That Can Damage Your Roof

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The roof on your home is sturdy enough to protect you from everyday things like rain, sleet, or small branches, but sometimes the unexpected object could make a crash landing on your home. When something smashes into your roof, it's important to hire roof repair as soon as possible. Roof damage opens up your home to various climates, critters, and mold growth. The following four falling objects may be rare, but they can cause a lot of damage in a matter of seconds. Being aware of them can help you prepare for the worst and have a roofing professional ready to aide you when needed.

Plane Debris

Just like a car losing a muffler, airplanes are known to shed parts during mid-flight. Whether it's a small piece of aluminum, a piece of an engine, or a loose pipe, this damage could be great to the roof of your home. When the part falls, it can easily shred through pieces of shingle and the wooden base boards under your roof.

Sometimes a substance known as blue ice can get dumped from the airplane. This is the disinfected waste from airplane bathrooms. This type of waste is supposed to be emptied at airports, but sometimes it is accidentally released through the sky. The solid blue ice can easily cause roof damage and create a messy clean-up that may ruin some of your roofing material or gutters. Getting your roof repaired is the number one objective. As that is happening, the FAA will likely investigate your report to find the exact flight and cause of the falling debris.

Space Debris

Up even higher in the sky than plane debris is space debris. Falling space debris includes a variety of man-made objects that have fallen out of Earth's orbit. One of the main things found in space debris are obsolete satellites. When the satellites are no longer in use, they will shut off and eventually get sucked into Earth's gravitational pull. Pieces of space stations are known to have fallen through the sky and land back on Earth.

While a majority of space debris will burn up in the atmosphere, the leftover pieces could land right on your roof. The impact can cause damage, along with the heat that comes from the piece. Expect to replace burned parts of the roof area.

Flying Toys

A variety of toys have the ability to soar through the air, but they can also cause damage to your roof. Toy rockets, remote control planes, and drone video cameras are just a few of the flying toys available that can cause damage.

While these toys may be small, a wrong landing can quickly tear apart shingles or gutters. When the toy makes a crash landing on your roof, it can create skid marks and pull up a whole line of shingles. A full roof inspection is ideal for examining any possible damages.

Tornado Debris

Even if your home avoids the wrath of a tornado, the effects of one could still impact your roof. Tornadoes are known to spin and create balls of debris. These balls contain thousands of objects, ranging from materials like fencing and other people's roofs to common household items like pots and pans.

The debris from these tornadoes can launch for nearly 20 miles. In some cases, tornado debris has been found more than 100 miles from the location where the tornado touched down. When the debris lands on your home, it won't be a soft landing. Sharp edges, large objects, and various items can easily cause damage to the roof. Once the threat of a tornado has passed, roofing professionals can examine the damage and start the repair as soon as possible.

Having contact with a roofing company prior to any damage is a great way to set up your customer database and get you an appointment much quicker. This is a great way to prepare any emergencies. Check out websites like for more information.


23 June 2015

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