The Dos And Don'ts Of Keeping Your Pet Safe From The Garage Door

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Large, heavy, and operating with springs and cables that are under a lot of tension, garage doors can be dangerous. When you improperly use and don't maintain your garage door, you put yourself and your pets at risk. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog safe as you operate your garage door. 

DON'T install a pet door on your garage. Doggie doors give your pup access to the yard when you aren't available to let them out, and installing one on your garage door may seem like a good idea because it keeps unwanted pests from entering your actual living space in the process. For your dog's safety, though, a pet door should never be installed on your garage door. Dogs are governed mostly by habit, not reason. When a dog successfully uses its garage doggie door over and over again, it won't hesitate to use it, even when the garage door is moving. Whether the garage door is moving up or down, your dog could be injured attempting to use its pet door. 

DON'T treat the garage door as a toy or game. Dogs should be taught to respect and fear your garage door, not play with it. This means they shouldn't be allowed to chew on cables, as these are attached to high-tension springs. If your dog gnaws through a cable and it snaps, all of that tension could cause serious injury or death. 

You also shouldn't play games like "beat the garage door" with your dog. Your puppy could be moving so fast that the automatic reverse and motion sensors do not detect their presence, or a dirty or defective sensor could simply not work. In either case, the results could be disastrous.  

DO be aware of where your dog is. You should know where your dog is anytime you close your garage door and back out of the driveway. Just to be safe, it is a good idea to keep your pets in the house when you operate the garage door.

DON'T tie your dog to the garage door. It may seem like a good place to tie up your dog while your family plays in the front yard, but a garage door isn't stationary. Some unknowing person could open the door, or the door could malfunction and open on its own. In either case, your pet is at risk. 

DON'T leave your door cracked open to let your dog in and out. Your garage door is held open with springs that are under a lot of pressure. Old and defective springs can slowly loosen or even snap, which is hazardous if your pet is entering or exiting the garage under the slightly opened door.  

DO keep your garage maintained. A properly maintained garage door is a safe garage door. To keep your dog safe, it is important to check and maintain your garage door's automatic reverse and motion detectors. When your door comes into contact with an object as it falls, whether it be a toy or your pet, a properly functioning automatic reverse mechanism stops the door and reopens it. To test the auto reverse, place an object like a cardboard box below the door and close it. If the door crushes the box before it opens again, the downward force needs to be adjusted by a professional. 

The door's motion detector is a laser beam, and if the beam is broken by an object like a pet as the door closes, the door should automatically reopen. To test your door's motion detector, close the garage door and put an object in the sensor's path. If the door doesn't immediately reopen, you should have it inspected by a garage door service as soon as possible.


13 November 2015

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