Planning Your New Custom Home? 3 Home Features To Add That Cost Very Little & Will Improve Your Life

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If you are currently working with a new home builder to plan your custom home, then you are likely working hard to stay under budget while still adding all of those special touches that were part of why you wanted a custom-built home in the first place. You may be feeling a little stressed out over all of the important decisions you have to make that will affect your life as long as you own your home. However, you may cheer up when you learn about these three small home features that you can add to your plans that won't cost much (if anything!), and can greatly improve your life and the lives of your family members. 

1. Higher Ceilings 

Most non-custom homes built prior to the late 90s and early 2000s were built with 8-foot high ceilings. Builders then made the switch to 9-foot high ceilings during that time period and have since been sticking to that ceiling height. The great news is that when building your own home, the sky is the limit (within reason of course) when choosing your ceiling heights, and higher ceilings typically add very little extra cost to your new home. 

How will higher ceilings improve your life? They have many benefits. First, they make even small rooms feel more spacious, so if you had to cut down the square footage of your dream home due to your budget, then they can help you feel like you are living in the larger home you really wanted. Studies have also shown that people feel happier in rooms with higher ceilings, which is suspected to stem from a subconscious feeling of greater freedom when in a room with a higher ceiling height. You don't have to go too much higher, because in studies, raising the ceilings to just 10-feet high was enough to increase perceived room freedom and beauty among study participants. 

An added bonus to higher ceilings is that if you ever do decide to sell your new home, the high ceilings may even help you receive a greater return on your investment. 

2. A Utility Sink in the Laundry Room

 A small feature you can add to your laundry room that many planning their homes don't think about is a utility sink. Water lines will already be run to the room, because, of course, water is needed to launder clothing in your washing machine. This makes adding a sink to the room relatively simple and very affordable. 

How will you use a sink in the laundry room? It will make it much easier to hand-wash those delicates without putting a virtual "out of business" sign on a bathroom or kitchen sink that you or your family needs to use while the laundry is soaking. If you have pets, then it can also be a great place to bathe them; bathing them in the bathtub can be a back-breaker and washing them with the hose is not an option during cold weather. You will find many other uses for it, especially if you have a large family that often needs to use the other available sinks at the same time. 

3. Dimmer Switches for All of Your Lighting 

If you are not an electrician, the you may suspect that wiring switches to do more than just flip "off and on" is a complicated process that will lead to a large increase in labor costs when having your electrical wiring installed. The truth is that dimmer switches require the same wiring as traditional light switches, and the switches themselves don't cost much, if any, more money than traditional light switches. That means that opting for the option of dimmer switches to control all of your home lighting shouldn't add much, if anything, to your electrical costs. 

How will lights that dim improve your life? The ability to dim a light comes in handy in many situations. You can add a bit of ambiance at dinner time and crank down that bright bathroom lighting when taking a relaxing bath in the evening. It will also make it much easier to keep your home less bright in the late evenings, which will not only help your family sleep fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, but even improve their health

Working with a new home builder to plan your new custom-built home can be a lot of fun, but planning for all of the home features you love without going over budget can be tough. Consider these three special touches to your new home that won't cost you much, but can greatly improve your quality of life when living in your new home. For more information and ideas, talk to a new home builder like Lacrosse Homes.


19 July 2016

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