3 Extras To Have Installed When Your Pool Is Being Built To Make Your Pool Safer

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When you have a pool installed in your backyard, it is so important that you make it as safe as possible. This article will discuss 3 extras that you can have installed when your pool is being built to make it safer. 

Automatic Pool Cover 

One of the most essential safety features for your pool is going to be a pool cover. A great type of pool cover is one that is actually built into your pool. This cover is stiff and comes out from the top of your pool, all the way to the other side. This is installed using a motor and a wheel system. You can have your pool contractor install it as one of the final parts of the pool itself. As an added bonus, a pool cover is also perfect for keeping your pool clean from dirt, debris, and bugs, so it is a win all around. 

Pool Fence 

Another important item to have installed when your built is being built is a pool fence. Because drowning is a very real thing, it is crucial that no one gets into the pool without your permission. A great way to do this is to have a fence installed all of the way around your pool that has a locking gate. You want this fence tall enough that it can't be easily climbed over, but you also want it to be made out of a material that allows you to see into the pool at all times. Some great fencing options include an iron fence, a glass fence, or a chain link fence. Having this fence completed before, or at the same time, that your pool is completed helps to ensure that your pool is completely safe. 

Outdoor Lighting 

If you ever have intentions of using your pool when it is dark outside, then it is very important that you have some outdoor lighting installed. These lights, as well as the regular lights installed inside of your pool, are going to be the only things that allow you to see when it is dark. Since it is so important that you are able to monitor any children that may be around the pool, this light is essential. One of the best styles of lighting to have installed are light posts. These allow you to install a light that is tall enough to light a large area at one time, and you aren't  going to have to worry about them tipping over or getting stepped on. Also, many light posts can be set to turn on automatically as soon as it is dark outside, so this saves you the time and the effort of having to turn them off and on all of the time. 

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19 October 2016

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