3 Features To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen For Maximum Space

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Remodeling your kitchen can be a great opportunity to fix any shortfalls that you have been living with since you moved into your home, such as not having enough space in your kitchen or having outdated fixtures or flooring. Listed below are three features to consider when remodeling your kitchen for maximum space.

Appliance Storage

A major issue that most people experience in their kitchens is having limited counter space, mostly because you end up having quite a few appliances just permanently living on your countertops. This can be a fairly large problem when you consider that you probably don't use all of those appliances on a daily basis. However, one way that you can deal with this issue is to consider putting in appliance storage when remodeling your kitchen.

Appliance storage can typically take the shape of a cabinet that is resting directly on your counter that is fully equipped with interior outlets and enough space to hold multiple appliances. This means that all you really need to do to access one of your appliances is to simply open the appliance storage cabinet.

In some cases, the appliance storage cabinet can be designed with a pullout tray or shelf that will allow you to more easily access all of the appliances in the cabinet. This is beneficial because it manages to keep your appliances out of sight in order to provide a cleaner looking kitchen while also preventing your appliances from spreading across all of your kitchen counters over time.


Another feature to consider when remodeling your kitchen in order to get more usable space is an island. An island can be used to provide you with a large amount of counter space that you can use for food preparation in addition to a large amount of drawers and cabinets under the island for additional storage options. In some cases, you can also install burners, ovens, or a dishwasher in the island.

Improved Drawers

Finally, another feature to consider when remodeling the kitchen for maximum space is improved drawers. For example, you can have drawers installed in your kitchen that are quite a bit deeper than your traditional drawers in order to hold large pots easily. Another example of an improved drawer that you can consider is a drawer that offers full extension, which means that you can pull the drawer out so that you can see all the way to the back of the drawer with ease and allows you to store more items and access them more easily.

Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor or service today in order to discuss what features they may recommend that you consider if you want to get the most space possible out of your kitchen once the remodeling project has been completed. Appliance storage, an island, and improved drawers are all great features to consider when remodeling your kitchen for maximum space.


27 February 2017

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