Five Things To Do Before Using Reclaimed Barn Wood In Your Construction Project

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Using reclaimed barn wood is not only good for the environment and saving money on a carpentry project, but it can also add unique character and charm to a new building or furniture piece. However, it takes some work to prepare reclaimed barn wood for use.

The following are five tasks that generally need to be taken care of to get reclaimed barn wood ready to be used for a new construction or the creation of a furniture piece:

Taking nails out

Usually, reclaimed barn wood will come with a lot of nails and other hardware pieces stuck in it after it has been removed from the original structure. It's probably a good idea to remove any nails, tacks, or staples before you clean the wood because they can he hazardous and cause injury if you work with the wood while they are still present.

Depending on what type of hardware is in the wood, you could need a tack puller, a hammer, a flat bar, a pliers, or an awl to remove it. In some cases, you might need a combination of all of these tools to get the job done. 

Cleaning the wood

Reclaimed barn wood most likely has been exposed to the elements for decades, so it's likely to need a thorough cleaning before it is suitable to be used. 

Reclaimed barn wood can be cleaned with a scrub brush, a bucket, some water, and dishwashing detergent. If there is residue that is stuck on and particularly hard to remove, you may consider using a wire brush to do the scrubbing. 

After it is cleaned, you're going to want to set it out to dry out before you continue working on it.

Put the wood through a planer and/or a jointer

A planer and jointer will make the surface and the edges of the wood smooth and straighten out the ends of the wood pieces. Sometimes reclaimed wood needs to be passed through a planer numerous times before the surface has been properly smoothed out and undesirable flaws have been removed.

Dry out the wood

You should never underestimate the importance of drying out reclaimed wood before using it. It's often necessary to even kiln dry reclaimed wood if it is particularly moist. Wood that is not properly dried out before use could begin to deteriorate prematurely and develop mold and mildew problems, so don't neglect this important step.

Contact a company like Old Barn Wood Company LLC. for more information on using reclaimed wood in your projects. 


28 February 2017

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