Why You May Want To Install An Awning Or Two On Your Home

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An awning provides protection from sun and rain, and it also adds beauty to your home. You can have a large awning installed over your patio or smaller ones installed over windows and doors. Here is a look at the benefits of each of these types of awnings and why you may want to add one or more to your home.

Door Awning

You and your guests will appreciate having an awning over the door. It provides shelter from rain so you don't get soaked waiting on the door to open. It also provides shade for the entrance so your door is protected from the elements. If you have a wood entrance door, protecting it from rain and sun could prolong its life. An awning also offers some degree of home security since you can provide a seating area under the awning where you can talk to strangers rather than letting them enter your home. Door awnings are permanent installations made from a variety of materials. The key to installing an awning over your door is to choose one that is attractive and that complements the style of your home. The door makes the first impression to visitors, and a nice door awning makes your home more welcoming and attractive.

Window Awnings

Window awnings also affect the beauty of your home. You can choose these in different shapes, such as attractive domes in colors that contrast your house paint. Window awnings are a decorative element, but they are also quite functional. The awning keeps sun from shining in the windows. This could be important for rooms that face the south. By keeping out the sun, the room stays cooler, and this could reduce your air conditioning bill. Awnings also keep out rain, which you might like if you keep your windows open most of the time. Awnings placed over windows can usually be removed fairly easily so you can take them down if a bad storm is expected.

Patio Awnings

Of all the awnings, a patio awning is probably the most functional. These provide shade and shelter for your outdoor space so you can spend more time outside. With an awning over your patio, it's like having an extra room where you can visit or dine. There are many types of patio awnings that are made from different materials and colors. They also function in different ways. Patio awnings can be permanently installed, but they are often retractable so they can be rolled back if you want to enjoy the sun. They can be cranked in and out manually or with an electric switch. High-end awnings roll out automatically when the sun hits a sensor and roll back in by themselves when the sensor detects dusk or darkness from an approaching storm.

If you'd like to add an awning to your home, the first step is to talk with a contractor about the choices available and the best way to attach the one you choose to your house. Since they are subject to winds and rain, an awning, whether it is big or small, needs to be installed by an expert so it is sturdy and has a long life.


14 March 2017

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