Renting A Stud Welder? Consider These Things First

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Whether you are tackling a DIY construction project on your property or you are planning to make some metal repairs to a home appliance, renting a stud welder is a good way to get the welding equipment you need to get the job done. However, renting a welder of any kind will take some careful consideration to get what you need and renting a stud welder is no different. Before you head off to the equipment rental store to get what you need, there are a few things you need to consider before you go. 

Do you have all of the necessary safety equipment?

Depending on where you rent your stud welder from, you may or may not have access to welding safety gear that will be required during use. Most rental companies only supply the equipment and not the extra accessories. Therefore, you should have the basics on hand. A few things you will need include: 

  • a good pair of welding gloves to protect your hands
  • safety goggles with side shields to protect your eyes from the heat
  • earplugs or other ear protection, such as an ear protecting headband

Do you have enough familiarity with stud welding to safely use the equipment?

Stud welding is often assumed as being one of the safer welding processes for people who have little welding experience, which is true because the equipment and processes are a little more simplified. However, you should never rent a stud welder to use if you have no experience or familiarity with using the equipment properly. Make sure you have some experience and take your time to properly learn the processes of using the stud welding equipment so you do not inadvertently hurt yourself or cause damages to whatever material you are working on. 

Do you know what material it is you are working with exactly?

From carbon steel to copper, there are all kinds of metals that you may be working with when you perform your stud welding processes. The type of welder you need and fasteners that should be used will depend on what it is you are working with where material is concerned. Make sure you do some investigating to make sure you know what kind of metal you will be stud welding before you go to the rental store so you can pick up the right type of equipment for the job while you are there. 


3 April 2017

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