Maintenance Tips For Your Hot Water System

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Access to hot water is something that many homeowners take for granted. Proper maintenance of your home's hot water system is critical when it comes to ensuring that you will be able to access hot water to shower, do laundry, or clean your dishes each day.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to keep your hot water system in good working condition well into the future.

1. Drain your hot water tank.

If your home is serviced by a water heater with a storage tank, you need to drain the tank at least once each year. As water is stored in the tank where it is heated and awaits use by the plumbing fixtures in your home, sediments and minerals found within the water can settle onto the bottom of the tank.

If allowed to accumulate, these sediments and minerals can clog the drain valve and compromise the performance of your hot water system. Be sure that you are taking the time to drain your hot water tank annually in order to properly maintain your hot water system.

2. Insulate your hot water tank.

The more efficiently your home's hot water system runs, the better it will perform in the future. One of the easiest ways to make your hot water system more efficient is by insulating your hot water tank.

All you have to do is wrap the exterior of your hot water tank in a specially designed insulating blanket, and you can reduce the tank's standby heat loss anywhere from 25% to 45%. Insulating your hot water tank to help prevent standby heat loss will reduce the strain placed on your hot water system and help you reduce your energy costs over time.

3. Regularly replace your hot water tank's anode rod.

Your hot water tank is equipped with an anode rod. The purpose of this rod is to prevent the corrosion of the outer steel walls of your hot water tank. Instead of corrosive elements attaching to your hot water heater, they attach to the anode rod instead. It's important that you regularly replace your hot water tank's anode rod. Without a viable rod, your hot water tank could sustain serious damage due to corrosion.

Being able to properly maintain your home's hot water system is important when it comes to ensuring you will always have access to the hot water you need. Take the time to drain your hot water tank annually, insulate your hot water tank to prevent heat loss, and replace the tank's anode rod regularly in order to ensure proper performance of your home's hot water system.


1 June 2017

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