Rope Swings Look Nice, But They Aren't Maintenance-Free

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Adding a rope swing to a tree branch in a lush backyard makes the yard look cute, and the swing can provide lots of fun for your children. But if not installed correctly, the rope can harm the tree, and possibly anyone using the swing. Before you add a rope swing or any attachment to a tree, get the tree inspected by an arborist or tree service to ensure the branch is safe enough.

Branch Integrity

This is the biggest problem with swings on tree branches; you never know if the branch is completely safe. Granted, a thick, stable-seeming branch will likely be safer than a reedy or cracked branch, but those larger branches (or other parts of the tree that experience the pressure from the weight of the person on the swing) could have internal problems that you can't see. You do not want the branch cracking and falling on the person's head.

Always have the tree checked out specifically to see if it is safe to attach a swing. A general once-over with a trim is not good enough. That means you need a service dedicated to tree care to do the work, and not, say, a general gardening company.

Adjusting the Rope Connections

Should the tree be deemed safe and the swing be installed, keep an eye on the area of the branch that the rope winds around. Unless the tree you've chosen is right at the end of its lifespan (in which case, a rope swing really isn't a good idea), the tree is going to keep growing. That can cause the rope to strangle the tree branch, for lack of better imagery. You will have to keep adjusting the rope to ensure it doesn't start to cut into the branch over time.

Preventing Friction Injury

Another issue is friction. If the rope is tied around the branch, you have to secure the rope so that it doesn't move back and forth when someone swings on the tree. If the rope moves freely, the friction can damage the tree (not to mention the bark can slowly cut into the rope, eventually leading to breakage). Have a tree service install the swing instead of attempting to tie the rope to the tree yourself.

Tree services and arborists want trees to be healthy and you to be safe. If you're going to try to add something to a tree that relies on the tree staying in one piece, have a tree service take a look.


7 June 2017

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