What Style Of Roof Should You Have For Your Tiny House?

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You may have decided you want to free yourself from the heavy burden of a large mortgage, or perhaps the dream of building your own home is one you have had for years but the funds just weren't there. Well, when you build a tiny house, you not only get the dream come true of owning your home, you also get to design and build that home. One of the decisions you will need to make when building your home is what style of roof you should have. Here are some examples of roofs you can choose from.

Flat Roof

Many tiny homes have a flat roof design and even larger houses have begun using flat roof designs in their construction. This modern look can give you high ceilings and could even provide extra storage on top of the home for bikes or weatherproofed items. A flat roof contains truss systems (support systems) that can be found on flooring to enable the roof to lie flat against the framing of the house. A flat roof will definitely give you an ultra modern feel and actually make your small home look like it is much larger.

Slanted Roof

A slanted roof typically means that only one side has a slanted portion, meaning it reaches toward the sky and slants back down toward the house on only one end. A slanted roof is great for when you want only one loft in your tiny home and the slanted part of the roof can make room for it. It also helps with snow removal in areas that receive a high amount of it, as it aids in the snow sliding off the structure without the need for shoveling it off.

Peaked Roof

A peaked roof is a very common feature of the majority of homes you see and is quite popular for tiny homes too. A peaked roof means that both sides of the roof arch upward toward the middle and attach to the home at opposite ends of the structure, all the way around the home. Peaked can be two single slants on each side of the home or four slants on all four corners of the house and meeting in the middle. A peaked roof is a definite throwback in design but remains popular due to its homey appearance.

If you are unsure on how to pick the right roof style for you, your contractor can explain the differences and advantages to each one. contact a company like Campbell Truss Company Inc to learn more.


14 June 2017

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