Exploring The Advantages Of Metal Storage And Utility Buildings

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When you are considering storage or a utility building for your property, metal buildings are an option that might not be in the forefront of your thought process but could be a good fit. Metal buildings can offer many advantages that a more traditional wooden structure might not have, and while not right in every situation, they can be a great solution for some situations. Here are a few things to consider when looking at storage solutions for your needs:

Long Term Durability and Maintenance  

One of the advantages of metal buildings is that they are very durable. The frame is constructed of steel and is attached to a concrete slab floor and foundation. The building is very rigid and can withstand adverse weather and other impacts pretty well, in most cases. The siding and roof of the building are made from steel as well and can stand up to a lot of abuse. In an industrial or commercial setting, these buildings are very cost effective and if for some reason a panel is damaged on the building, it can be replaced pretty easily.    

Cost of Construction  

While it might seem like a metal building would be expensive to put up in many cases, they are usually less expensive than a wooden building of similar size. When constructing a metal building, the contractor will not use as many materials, but you need to find a contractor that knows how to properly put a steel building up for you. Long-term maintenance of the building is often lower and if the building is insulated properly, even heating and cooling can be pretty comparable with that of a traditional wooden structure.  

Aesthetics of the Building

The old metal buildings of just a few years ago where very plain. They were often constructed from galvanized corrugated steel and looked pretty industrial. In a residential setting, this just doesn't work for a lot of people. Modern steel buildings offer the advantage of painted and powder coated siding and roof panels that not only look great but are very durable as well. There are many colors and styles available in prefab buildings, and if you are working with a contractor to build you a custom structure, you can specify what you want to be used on the building. If you are considering a metal building for your storage or utility building needs, talk to your local contractor about what they recommend for your situation and discuss the options with them. You might be surprised by what has changed in terms of the construction, style, and materials of these buildings.  


28 June 2017

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