How To Decorate Your Family Room With A Mexican Theme

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Have you traveled to places Mexico like Cancun, Saltillo, or Cuernavaca? Perhaps you have just seen pictures of those charming places and you want to captivate a Mexican feeling as you decorate your family room. From selecting the furniture to planning the painting on the walls, here are some ways that you can decorate your family room with a Mexican theme.

Set The Mood With The Walls - Picking the right wall treatment will help to create the Mexican mood you want in your family room.

  • One idea is to paint the walls a neutral color like light ochre or very pale gray. While or off-white would work well, too. Then enhance the painted walls with stencils that depict Mexican designs. Bird and flowers are both good choices for stencils.
  • Perhaps you want more drama than wall paint of neutral colors provides. If so, add some real drama by selecting bold color for your paint. Turquoise, hot pink, and bright yellow would all be great choices. You could also paint the walls two different colors, For example, one wall could be turquoise while the other walls could be painted a lighter shade of turquoise, still adding the stencil design to the lighter colored wall.
  • For something truly unique, consider faux painting the walls to look like leather and add gold touches in the form of a rope stencil or a twisted braid stencil.
  • Since there your family room probably gets a lot of use, talk to the workers at your paint store to find out which paints last longest and which ones can be easily cleaned.

Add Mexican Decor To Complete The Look - Think of rustic details like the ones you might find in old Mexico.

  • Rustic wooden furniture would be ideal for your family room. Choose bright colored upholstery that will complement the colors of the paint you selected for your wall treatment.
  • Think of placing large pictures of Mexican scenes in rustic frames. Another idea is to put posters of Mexican towns and cities on the walls. Consider putting the posters onto wooden backs that have been painted in bright colors. Choose colors that contrast with the paint on the walls.
  • Decorate with Mexican pottery. Plants in clay pots, hand-painted Mexican birds, and paper flowers in colorful vases will all add a Mexican feeling to the room.
  • Think of using real bird houses and put artificial birds in them. Or, buy real birds that your family can enjoy. 

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8 September 2017

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