Preserving That New Parkting Lot

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After the planning, pouring and paying for the asphalt lot that now sits outside your company's office, you might feel great about how smooth it looks. However, after everything it took to have the lot there in the first place, you might soon start to concern yourself with how best to preserve it. These lot tips may protect the area for years.

1-Sealcoat It

You may have turned down the process when the asphalt was put on the soil, but it isn't too late. A simple sealcoat blocks some of the debris and exposure that can turn your lot into one of those dilapidated, worn lots you've seen elsewhere around your neighborhood. The process has to be done again and again, typically each year, but the protection it offers is often worth it.

2-Clean the Surface

Your decision to clean the lot regularly will contribute directly to how long it looks good. Periodic sweeping and removal of twigs, trash and wet leaves is good for the asphalt surface. 

Liquid stains are especially vital to address if you don't want the surface to deteriorate. Oil and other fluids should be absorbed with towels or baking soda and then scrubbed out with either gentle dishwashing liquid or a professional product.

3-Move Delivery Locations and Trash Removal Sites

Delivery and garbage trucks can put enormous pressure on the company's lot due to the tons of weight they carry. If they're parking or rolling over the same areas of the lot whenever they arrive, that can increase likelihood of cracks and other asphalt issues. You may wish to ask drivers to deliver from the street or move your dumpsters to the edge of the street for them to collect.

4-Handle Cracks Now

You might only consider cracks to be minor nuisances and the sign that your lot is being used regularly. However, the reason cracks are so troublesome is that left to sit in your lot, they will only expand. Once water is able to work itself into small cracks and finally reach the soil, the ground could shift. Then, as vehicles press down on the lot surface, additional cracks are likely. Inattention to even one crack could have major consequences over time. Therefore, fill cracks or hire an expert.

Your lot's condition is up to you; if you're serious about its preservation, the suggestions and details here help. Asphalt paving contractors can also advise you


20 December 2017

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