2 Pieces Of Safety Equipment For Road Construction Crews

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When you are starting up a road construction company, and you are going to have crews out on the road to do the work, you want to make sure that all your employees are going to be safe when they are out there on the road. That means that you need to have the right kind of safety equipment. So what are some of the things that you need to have?

Reflective Orange Vests

One of the things you need to do is make sure that all your employees are visible and easily spotted. The best way to do that is to make sure that they are wearing something in a color that isn't seen in nature and is bright enough that anyone can see it as they drive by. You also want to make sure that the employee can easily be seen at night or when the weather isn't prime. A bright orange reflective vest is the best way to do that. The orange is an obnoxiously bright color that draws the eye because it stands out from every single thing out on the road. Then the reflective stripes make sure that when the headlights of the cars hit the vest, not only is the color visible but the flash of reflected light will also attract the eye. 


Another way to make sure that your employees are safe when they are out there working on the road is to make sure that you have signs. There are all kinds of signs out there that you can use. Those include handheld signs that a flagger or sign holder can stand and hold. Those handheld signs are usually signs that say things like slow, stop, or yield. Those signs can also be reflective so that they are easily seen when your employee is out there holding them. You can also get electronic signs. The nice thing about those signs is that you have them placed far enough out from your construction site so that the oncoming drivers can see them. Those signs can also let drivers know which way they need to be moving to stay out of your construction site. 

If you are going to start a road construction company, make sure that you have enough safety equipment for your read crew. Their safety should be your first priority, and it can be easy for you to do the things necessary to make sure that they are safe. Contact a company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. for more information and assistance. 


4 March 2018

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