Creating A Modern Minmalist Kitchen

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When it's time to give your kitchen a new look, you may be considering a more modern approach. A modern minimalist kitchen can make a stylish yet functional option. If you are looking to get this theme for your home, here are a few design tips you can discuss with your contractor.

Neutral Color Palette

Your color palette for a modern minimalist kitchen should be fairly neutral, with bursts of colors coming from accessories and decor pieces. Gray and white color schemes work well for this type of theme, as it keeps the kitchen looking bright and airy while still delivering the contemporary style you want. Consider natural stone countertops in gray with white cabinets, or go monochrome with all gray for a unique look. To bring in small bursts of color, consider using colored glass drawer pulls and cabinet handles. A ruby-red or sapphire-blue color for hardware can add that perfect finishing touch. You can also seek out color with your countertop appliance sections, such as a chartreuse countertop mixer and blender set.

Natural Stone Counters

Natural stone counters offer a less-is-more look for your kitchen. The natural look blends classic and contemporary styles, so the counters can remain relevant long after you've decided to re-face or replace your cabinets and tile. For a more subdued look, work with your contractor to create a matte finish for the counters. If you want something slightly flashier, go for a glossy seal that keeps these counters gleaming in any light.

Low-Profile Cabinets

Your cabinets should have a seamless appearance, with the only noticeable break in the cabinet line being the handles. This creates that minimalist look you are seeking out. Of course, you can also have custom cabinets built that require no hardware at all, which can be a perfect choice for your modern kitchen. If you want to accessorize the cabinet line, consider under-cabinet LED lighting. You can also create a focal point in the room by adding a cabinet pair in the center of the line with windows instead of solid panels. This cabinet pair can be used to display decor pieces or your best serving pieces.

Statement Lighting

Of course, you don't want your modern minimalist kitchen to be so simple that it looks boring. Statement lighting can create the perfect focal point for the room. Consider a silver-tone or gold-tone lighting fixture for the center of the room. This might be in the shape of globe, or it might even have a series of smaller lights that create a modern chandelier look. If you have a breakfast bar in the kitchen, consider choosing smaller versions of your main statement lighting piece to illuminate the dining area.

Talk to your contractor about the different materials, color schemes, and accessories you can use to pull off a chic modern minimalist look in your new kitchen. Visit a site like for more help.


3 September 2018

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