Don't Want To Join A Pipe Fitter's Union? Reasons Why You Should Reconsider

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Unions get a bad rap. A lot of people either join them or try to avoid them entirely. However, there are many more benefits than drawbacks to joining a union. If you are a plumber, and cannot get work, you may want to join a pipe fitter's union. Here are some more reasons why you might want to join the nearest pipe fitter's union.

More Work, All the Time 

Who does not want more work? As a plumber, you make really good money, so why would you not want more work? As a member of a union, the work is filtered out to every member to make sure the distribution of work is equal and fair, and everyone is paid well for what they do. Larger projects try to incorporate more than one plumber on the job so that everyone gets a piece of the bigger pie, too.

No to Low Competition

Competition drives costs up. Higher costs drive customers away. They run to competitors who charge less, and you are left with no work. The flip side of this coin is charging less to undercut your competition and making less money in the process to do so. Members of a pipe fitter's union all agree not to compete, keeping costs low, and securing equal and fair pay for every single plumber in the union.

People You Can Rely On When You Need Help or a Second Opinion

As a single plumber operating on your own, you have to rely on your own experience and intellect to solve complicated plumbing problems. Now, imagine that you are part of a union. If you come across a complicated job, and you are lost as to how to resolve this issue, you can call another member, get a second opinion, have another plumber check out the issue, and provide some solutions that may work. It is a large conglomerate of plumbing minds that can all work together and provide support and advice to each other. As a plumber that is new to the field, this kind of support from fellow plumbers can be really beneficial.

Training for Everyone

Another aspect of pipe fitter's unions is that everyone can get training to advance their careers from someone else. All master plumbers train the plumbers below them, and all regular plumbers can take on apprentices. It is to the benefit of the union as a whole to keep everyone well-trained and working.


18 October 2018

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