4 Tips To Help Deal With Common Causes Of Roof Damage And Prevent It With Improvements

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There are many common causes of roof damage that you want to know how to identify. With the right improvements, many of these common roof problems can be avoided. Your roof needs to have the appropriate ventilation, good flashing, and a good routine maintenance to ensure common roof damage does not lead to serious problems inside your home. Here are some tips to deal with common causes of roof damage and improvements to prevent them.

1. Propper Roof Ventilation to Prevent Rot Damage and Heat Gain

Propper roof ventilation is important to prevent problems like dry rot, which is caused by humidity being trapped in your attic and causing fungus to grow on wood. In addition to preventing dry rot, better roof ventilation will also help to reduce heat gain and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

2. Cleaning Maintenance and Flashing Repairs to Prevent Leaks

Another important part of maintaining your roof and preventing damage is keeping it clean. Some of the common causes of roof damage include issues with dirt, debris, and fungus on the roof. When fungi form on the shingles of your roof, this can cause the roofing to wear quicker; keeping your roof clean is one thing that can be done to prevent this, but you may also want to consider installing antifungal shingles or zinc materials to stop fungus growth.

3. Reinforcements to Protect Against Wear from Ice Dams

There are also many improvements that can be done to prevent damage during winter weather. This may be something as simple as adding gutter guards to prevent ice dams or using a reinforcement of rubber in areas where your roof is most vulnerable to damage from winter weather and ice dams forming.

4. Quality Roofing to Protect Against Storm and Wind Damage

Quality roofing materials will also help protect your home from roof damage. You want to use materials that are more resistant to high winds and severe weather. These materials include things like metal and tile, as well as shingles that have been rated for higher resistance to high winds. Talk with your roofing contractor about the materials that will be best to give your home more resistant to storm damage.

These are some tips to help deal with the common causes of roof damage and do the repairs that will help you prevent them. If you need help with improvements to protect against common roof damage, contact a professional roof inspection service like Par One Construction, Inc. to help prevent damage to your home. 


2 December 2018

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