2 Tips For Protecting Your Home's Young Trees During Their Winter Dormancy


In the recent spring and summer months, you may have planted a few young trees on your property. However, with the cold weather of winter approaching, you may be concerned about them staying healthy and alive during the trees' dormancy. If so, use the following tips to help protect your young trees from the freezing cold.

1.  Lay a Couple of Inches of Mulch Around the Bases of the Trunks

Especially in their first couple of years, your young trees' root systems are going to be fragile until they can establish themselves in the soil. They are also often fairly close to the surface, which could expose them to damage if your area experiences a deep freeze that affects the first few inches of the ground.

To help keep the roots protected and warm, lay a couple of inches of mulch around the bases of the trunks. However, do not simply mound the mulch into a pile that peaks a few inches up on the trees' trunks. This will cause water to roll off and away from the tree, robbing it of moisture.

Instead, create a mound that loosely resembles a doughnut around the tree. Push a couple of inches of mulch around the trunk and a couple of feet away. Then, create a concave section in the middle so that a small bit around the trunk and the edges of the mulch are higher than the middle. This will collect water for delivery to the root system while still protecting them from freezing.

2.  Keep the Trees Covered Whenever the Temperatures Drop Below Freezing

Another thing you can do to keep your new trees protected from wintry weather is to keep them covered, especially when the temperatures will drop below freezing. However, there are a couple of things you need to remember when covering the trees, as using the wrong materials and techniques could damage the branches.

When selecting the material, use only thin cloth, such as old sheets. Using plastic or heavy cloth could crush the delicate branches of new trees.

Also, when placing the cloth over the trees, you do not want even thin material placing its entire weight on the branches. Instead, put a stake in the middle that is higher than the crown of the tree, and allow the cloth to drape over it so that the stake bears the brunt of the weight.

The above tips follow general rules about taking care of young trees in the wintertime. However, some species and types, such as fruit trees, may need extra special care if you live in a region known for harsh winters. If you have any concerns about the particular trees in your yard, consult with a company that offers residential tree care services.


10 December 2019

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