Insight To Protect And Maintain Your Asphalt Drive

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An asphalt driveway installed on your property is a great way to get a finished surface that looks great and can last for many years with the right care and upkeep. Asphalt is a long-lasting material, but it needs protective treatments and patching when they become necessary. Here are some protection and maintenance tips for your asphalt driveway.

Protect Your Asphalt's Edges

The edges of your asphalt driveway are at risk of erosion damage and need a protective element to ensure the asphalt's longevity. For example, you can install an edge of gravel to protect the sloped edges of the asphalt. Or you can install a concrete curb to support the 90-degree edges of the pavement. When you build up and protect the edges of your pavement, the surface will be reinforced under the weight of traffic and kept to a solid foundation.

Hire Professional Repairs

Repairs to your asphalt pavement are essential because they will fill in the cracks and holes that appear over time and prevent them from getting worse from damage due to ice wedging. Moisture will work at a crack and enlarge it due to erosion and freeze-thaw patterns, so take the time to have them filled.

A professional asphalt crew can apply a sealing material to the cracks, which will provide a flexible patching material if the crack shifts at all. It is also important to remove any weeds and grass growth from the pavement cracks before you complete any patching. A professional asphalt crew will prepare the surface before patching and will clean out dirt from cracks and vehicle fluids from the surface. Contact a resource that offers asphalt crack sealing services to learn more.

Apply Protective Coatings

A big part of your asphalt pavement's durability is made of the foundation materials consisting of compacted gravel or sand, but a second factor in the pavement's durability comes from within the surface. The surface of your asphalt pavement controls the protection of the asphalt from moisture damage and sun oxidation from the UV rays. And for this reason, it is essential that you take care of your pavement with regular repairs followed by a sealcoating application.

The sealcoat treatment seals in the surface of the pavement and also provides water resistance and restores its moisture content and flexibility as a result. The more flexible your asphalt pavement is, the better it will withstand traffic wear and tear. So after your professional asphalt crew applies crack filler and patching repairs, ask about a sealcoating application.


17 June 2020

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