Tree Trimming Guide To Protect Your Property From Winter Storm Damage

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The leaves may have fallen from the trees, but your work caring for them isn't over. If you want to protect your property, trimming is important. In areas where winter weather is a serious threat, you will want to do trimming to prevent damage due to storms. The following tree trimming guide will help ensure you don't have problems with winter storm damage:

Remove the Dead Growth

The dead growth is one of the first problems you need to deal with when trimming trees. This is often due to branches that have just become weak or damaged. Look for some of the following signs of dead branches that need to be trimmed:

  • Obvious dead branches losing bark
  • Insects and pests nesting in dead branches
  • Damage that has caused problems with dead branches

You want to make sure to remove the dead growth from branches. These branches threaten your home and are often the first to give during storms.

Trimming to Give Canopies Shape

The canopies of your trees need to have a healthy shape. This promotes healthy new growth that makes the trees stronger. It will also help reduce problems with the trees during winter storms. Some things that will help give canopies a healthy shape include:

  • Removing odd growth that is unhealthy for trees
  • Thinning growth from canopies
  • Shaping the canopy to make it more attractive

These techniques will help you trim tree canopies to give them a healthy shape. Healthier tree canopies will reduce the likelihood of trees causing property damage during winter storms.

Removing the Heavy Overgrowth

Heavy overgrowth can also be a problem that causes damage to trees. This growth is often on the largest branches. When these heavy branches have the extra weight of snow or ice, they are under a lot of stress. The extra weight can cause the branches to break. Therefore, you want to make sure that overgrown branches are removed when trimming your trees to prepare for winter storms.

Trimming Back Branches that Threaten Property

There are also branches that can threaten your property. You want to make sure these branches are also trimmed back before winter storms. Some of the areas where you want to trim branches that threaten your property include:

  • Branches near utility lines
  • Tree growth near driveways and hardscaping
  • Branches close to homes or other structures

These are areas where you will want to trim back branches that are a threat to your property.

Taking care of your trees before winter storms will help prevent serious damage to your property. Call a tree trimming service if you need help with this care before the next winter storm arrives.


17 November 2020

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