What Every Warehouse Manager Needs To Know Before Reconfiguring Their Pallet Racking Systems

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If you manage a warehouse or a distribution center that stores combustible materials, such as aerosols or tires, you likely have well-designed fire and life safety systems for protection. However, if your facility is having a different pallet racking system installed, it's important to understand that a change in your storage configuration can make your fire and life safety systems ineffective.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), warehouse fires have a higher average of property loss than other types of buildings.

22 December 2015

2 Things You Can Do To Prevent An Air Conditioner Fire

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Your air conditioner is supposed to cool you off not make you hot. But if your air conditioner catches fire or starts a fire, you will most certainly end up far hotter than you were before you turned the AC on. Because it's a cooling device, many people don't associate their air conditioners with any risk of fire. However, your air conditioner is still an electrical appliance, and it can definitely be the cause of a fire if you aren't careful.

10 December 2015

The Dos And Don'ts Of Keeping Your Pet Safe From The Garage Door

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Large, heavy, and operating with springs and cables that are under a lot of tension, garage doors can be dangerous. When you improperly use and don't maintain your garage door, you put yourself and your pets at risk. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog safe as you operate your garage door.  DON'T install a pet door on your garage. Doggie doors give your pup access to the yard when you aren't available to let them out, and installing one on your garage door may seem like a good idea because it keeps unwanted pests from entering your actual living space in the process.

13 November 2015

Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Remodel With Upgraded Plumbing

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Not every remodel involves tearing down the walls and working on the infrastructure. An inexpensive face lift may be all your bathroom needs. However, if you are considering a more extensive renovation, then upgrading your plumbing is probably in the cards. Make Use of Modern Materials Older homes use wrought iron pipes. These pipes break down over time and are susceptible to warming and cooling cycles, which is what happens when hot water runs through the drains in your sink or your shower.

20 October 2015

Expanding Your Woodworking Hobby Into A Full-Time Business? What Tools Will You Need?

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If you've been a woodworking hobbyist for years, you may be ready to turn your talent and love into a full-time career. However, to earn a living at something that requires your hands-on attention during nearly all working hours, you'll need to make your carving and construction process as streamlined and efficient as possible, while also protecting your health and earning ability. What new (or upgraded) tools will you need to launch yourself into the professional realm?

9 October 2015

Dealing With Burst Pipes

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There are many different ways that your home can succumb to water damage, one of which is by bursting pipes. You should know why pipes burst, the warning signs, and what to do in the aftermath. This will help you prevent water damage from burst pipes, as well as hopefully prevent a pipe from bursting in the first place. Why Do Pipes Burst? There is a wide range of reasons for pipes bursting on you.

22 September 2015

Don't Let These Remodeling Mistakes Ruin The Authenticity Of Your Victorian Home

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If you own a Victorian-era home, then you probably want to do all you can to preserve the authenticity of its design and architecture. Unfortunately, a lot of owners of Victorian homes unknowingly make mistakes that take away from the authentic appeal of their homes. This hurts their homes' resale value and impinges on their goal of preserving a piece of history. To ensure you don't fall into this trap, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

28 August 2015

Soggy Backyard? How Can You Improve Drainage?

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If you find that you're reluctant to entertain guests in your backyard or even spend much time outside for a few weeks after a rain, you may be dealing with poor drainage. Wet lawns can attract mosquitoes, ticks, and a variety of other pests, and may even cause your tree roots to rot due to constant ground water exposure. This could result in a tree crashing down on your roof (or a neighbor's) if you don't take steps to improve drainage.

12 August 2015

How To Use A Slate Ripper To Remove Damaged Slate Shingles

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Slate is one of the most durable, long-lasting types of roofing materials, and its life expectancy in some American homes is estimated to exceed 200 years. However, as durable as slate is, it is somewhat brittle and can crack or break. A cracked or broken slate shingle is then likely to become a source of leaks. However, before a roof repair can be made, the damaged shingle needs to be removed.

27 July 2015

How To Eliminate A Leak Within A Compression Fitting On A Copper Water Line

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If you have a leak in a connection between a copper water line and a sink, dishwasher or icemaker, then chances are likely that it is a failed compression fitting causing the trouble. While tightening other types of fittings can often resolve a leak, continuing to tighten a compression fitting is useless and may even make the leak worse. Compression fittings can be repaired, but it requires that you disassemble the fitting and replace a key component.

13 July 2015